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Transform your publishing house with Storya. Engage your authors and readers on one platform. Multiply your revenue streams.

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Solution Overview

Unlock the Future of Publishing with Storya: An integrated digital publishing platform designed to give you the edge without the complexities of building a tech stack from scratch.

Revenue Growth: Gain 100% of the revenue from serialized fiction, direct-to-consumer eBooks, audiobooks, and more.

Audience Engagement: Authors build and engage their audience on your platform, boosting your brand.

Overcoming Traditional Publishing Challenges

Publishers Today

  • Select Authors: Author platforms rarely benefit publishers’ brands.
  • Publish & Sell Books: Physical sales face growing challenges; digital sales compete with e-commerce giants.
  • Market Books: ROI from social media campaigns remains low; using external platforms means lack of data and audience ownership.

With Storya

  • Branding: Authors build and engage their audience on your platform. Reconnect with authors from your older catalogue and stay connected as you release new titles.
  • Sales: You get 100% of the revenue from additional streams. You can digitally test audience engagement with teasers and short stories to identify authors with better traction.
  • Marketing: 100% of your marketing spend grows your platform, not social media. Keep 100% of the data about engagement, consumption, and all key dynamics.

Why Choose Storya?

Comprehensive Platform

Interactive eBooks, rich multimedia content, and social features all in one place.


Tailor the platform to your specific needs without the complexities.


Robust support and training to ensure seamless integration and adoption.

Keep your digital content on a proprietary platform

Retain total oversight of your precious market data

For the first time, connect with digital readers on your own terms

Truly leverage the reach of your signed authors in a community that you can manage

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Ready to Transform Your Publishing Business?

About Us

Founded by Paolo Danese and Praveen Kumar, Storya is a project at the forefront of digital publishing innovation.

Paolo, with his deep expertise in publishing, and Praveen, a seasoned tech visionary, have joined forces to build a solution that not only revolutionizes how stories are told and experienced but also opens the doors to greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in publishing.

Together, they built a global team dedicated to empowering authors and publishers, by breaking free from constraints and embracing a future where every voice has the opportunity to be heard.

Paolo Danese

AI Strategy Advisor | Media & Publishing Innovator

Praveen Kumar

Software Architect | Indie Hacker Building | scaling products to 10x